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888ladies big cash bingo jackpots

888ladies big cash bingo jackpots

888ladies has daily games under its Jackpots tab which give big cash on pre-buy cards costing from 10p up to £1 each; there are pre-buy cards available for a daily free jackpot game too.
The bingo jackpots become available in the evenings starting with a £100 guaranteed jackpot to be played at 4pm. This guaranteed daily cash comes on minimum 5 cards at 10p each in the 75-ball Ladies First Room.
There’s another daily £100 guaranteed jackpot game playing at 8pm in the Engaged Ladies Room. This time the minimum 5 cards costing 10p each give 90-ball prizes of £20 on 1 line, £30 on 2 lines and £50 for Full House.
With a mixed bag of coverall jackpot games running every hour from 7pm to 11pm at 888ladies players get two £500 coverall jackpots in the Studio 75 Room.
Pre-buy cards cost £1 each for this 75-ball game playing at 7pm and 10pm with the full jackpot coming in 50 calls or less. The decreasing jackpot gives a guaranteed £50 in 58 to 75 calls.


The £1000 coverall jackpot game playing at 9pm and 11pm with £1 cards in the Studio 75 Room has more money to be grabbed. A bingo in 50 calls or less gives this entire £1k jackpot; the sliding jackpot decreases with each ball call to give minimum £100.
The bingo site brings out its big guns on each night at 10pm with a superb mix of guaranteed jackpots and coveralls giving up to an incredible £50k.
While Tuesday’s 90-ball game with £1000 guaranteed jackpot gives £50 on 1 line, £200 on 2 lines and £750 for Full House on Thursday the entire £1000 guaranteed jackpot goes to one lucky winner.
Weekends at 888ladies are for winning seriously big cash in the Friday £50,000, Saturday £20,000 and the Sunday £10,000 games playing at 10pm. Get lucky and win these massive coverall jackpots in the fewest ball calls or grab the guaranteed bingo jackpots which are handsome too.
Winning guaranteed £300 free bingo jackpots on weekdays can only be improved by bigger free prizes on weekends. Join the Bubbly Bingo Room daily at 7pm with maximum 6 pre-buy free cards for this 75-ball game which gives a £500 free jackpot on Saturday and Sunday.

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